Why You Should Move to Castle Rock, Colorado

Dated: 09/09/2019

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Welcome to the Home303 blog!  If you are new here, we are doing a series of weekly posts about the local real estate market and other fun things to do in Denver. 


Today’s post is going to be about Castle Rock.  Castle Rock is a small, but rapidly growing, city around 30 miles south of Denver.  According to Niche.com, it has a population of 57,274.  The site gave Castle Rock an impressive report card grade of A-.  The site uses several factors such as safety, schools, resident reviews, and overall livability.  It serves as a great resource for people looking to relocate to an area they are unfamiliar with.  The median home value in Castle Rock is about 470k, the average price of listings in the area is 770k, and there are some great listings in the low 300s.  The high safety rating of the area makes it a great place for families.  If you love the excitement of Denver, but don’t want to live in the center of it, Castle Rock may be for you.



For families with kids, an area with good schools is a very important factor to take into consideration.  Douglas County has numerous options to choose from public schools to private and charter academies.  Arapahoe Community College also has a campus in Castle Rock for the older students who want to stay closer to home.  With the great overall safety of Castle Rock community, you can feel good sending your children to the schools here. 

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Castle Rock is home to one of the very few outlet malls near Denver.  It provides an outdoor style shopping experience, perfect for all of our sunny Colorado days. The outlet mall features great brands at a fraction of regular retail prices such as Coach, Michael Kors, Puma, and other name brands.  You won’t have to break the bank to get top styles!

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Almost Perfect…..

A common complaint amongst residents about Castle Rock is the rapid growth.   Some of the reviewers on Niche do not appreciate the increased amount of traffic and commute time.  It is no secret that Colorado is an attractive destination for people relocating from other states, especially due to the rapid growth of the Denver Metro Area.  It is inevitable that Castle Rock will start to experience increased growth as more people flock to this beautiful state.  If you are moving from a more congested area such as Denver, the traffic will not seem that bad.

Another possible downside is the scare nightlife.  A quick Yelp search yields only a few results for places to grab a drink in the area.  You may have to take a trip to Denver for a dance night.  However, this may be ideal for families who don’t have any interest in nightlife.  There is no shortage of family-focused events such as the Paca Buddies event hosted tomorrow at the Douglas County Fairgrounds.  They will be doing demonstrations on the uses of alpaca fibers and you can even see alpacas in person!  You can find out more about upcoming events on the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce website here. (Link)

If you love beautiful mountain views, outdoor activities, family fun events, and a friendly small-town vibe while still being in close proximity to a big city, Castle Rock might be your perfect destination.  You can go here to check out all of the current listings in Castle Rock.  


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